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Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s economic development strategy for Arkansas is focused like a laser on substantially improving the Natural State’s business climate and making targeted investments to stimulate market-driven growth. The governor has moved aggressively to lower taxes, reduce regulations and increase the speed to market by cutting permitting time, all of which are improving job growth. The results speak for themselves: Arkansas has achieved record-high employment, creating more than 60,000 new jobs during the past three years.

“These jobs are facilitating growth in an area where the state has made a conscientious decision to invest funds to help stimulate growth, market-driven growth created by the state’s overall business climate and new start-up  businesses,” Gov. Hutchinson said, in an exclusive interview with BF.

The business-friendly environment in Arkansas is the foundation of an ambitious economic development juggernaut that is establishing lucrative new growth sectors and expanding traditional industries in AR.