Meet Asa

Asa Hutchinson was sworn in as the 46th Governor of Arkansas in January 2015, and immediately began fulfilling the promises he made while seeking office including his priority of creating jobs and growing the economy.

Asa successfully cut income tax rates in Arkansas by the largest amount in state history. He then accomplished another campaign promise of implementing computer-coding classes in every public high school in Arkansas.

While running for Governor in 2014, Asa pledged to be the “Jobs Governor” a title that he has now earned with over 60,000 new jobs created and in 2017 Arkansas reached the lowest unemployment rate in the recorded history of the state.

Governor Hutchinson's first act on his first day in office was to institute a hiring freeze so that the state could be more efficient and prudent in how it staffed state government.

Before being elected governor, Asa served as Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration and as the first Undersecretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Voters in Arkansas’s Third District also elected him to Congress three times.

A graduate of the University of Arkansas law school, Asa, at age 31, was appointed by President Reagan as the nation’s youngest U.S. attorney.

He and his wife Susan have been married 44 years. They have four children and six grandchildren.