Asa's Plan

1. Tax Cut

  • Continue cutting taxes for ALL Arkansans.
    • Work with the legislature to lower the top marginal rate to 5.9% over the next four years
    • Simplify the tax code, close loopholes, and increase fairness for all taxpayers

2. Government Transformation

  • Reduce the number of agencies that report directly to the governor from 42 to 20 or fewer.
    • This will provide savings and improved services through combined IT systems, eliminated redundancies, streamlined communication, and greater efficiency
    • All with the goal of creating a more efficient, less costly, and more responsive state government

3. Teacher Pay

  • Raise the minimum starting salary for Arkansas teachers by 13% over the next four years – from $31,800 to $36,000.
    • This will give Arkansas teachers the highest starting salaries in the region

4. Ethics Reform

  • Governor Hutchinson supports comprehensive ethics reform to ensure that our elected officials are working for the people and with the highest ethical standards.
    • Require all legislators and constitutional officers to publicly disclose conflicts of interest before debating, deliberating, or voting on a piece of legislation
    • Revoke pensions for public officials convicted of violating the public trust
    • Bolster the enforcement power of the Arkansas Ethics Commission through strengthened disciplinary standards
    • Reform our campaign finance laws to prevent PAC’s from circumventing campaign contributions limits

5. Infrastructure

  • Work with the Legislature to create a long-term highway funding strategy for the state.
    • Must be fiscally responsible and sustainable
    • Will be presented to the voters for approval